8th February 2018

the tell tale heart

Number 3 – Foreshadowed by something negative

something negative is being foreshadowed on the first page because the author has written that “I heard sounds from heaven; i heard sounds from hell.” He believed that he was sane but he kept hearing sounds from heaven and hell which can b associated with death. With hell you relate things to it like death, evil and murder, heaven u relate good things like happiness, being calm, they both relates in some way with death. By the character hearing sounds from heaven and hell it is implying that he is not only just good or bad but he is both. he is a caring person but at the same time he is a dangerous unpredictable person. The Protagonist is questioning himself whether he is not insane because “There was no reason for what I did.” For him to no motivate behind him implies that


Tone – character

The tone of this paragraph from The Tell Tale Heart is very calming. it gives his feel to it because it uses quite long sentences with in it as he is explaining what he is doing.

this character lists what he is doing through out the long sentences

He says the word I a lot though out this part of the text ‘I slowly…I stood… I held… I lifted…’ he is saying hwta he is doing to calm himself down. he is repeating what he did in his head to calm down.

‘For seven nights I did this, seven long nights, every night at midnight.’


Mood – reader

this paragraph is using long sentences which is giving the reader a feeling of being calm. Within the long sentences he is explaining what he is doing and how he is doing it ‘In my hand I held a light covered over with a cloth so that
no light showed.’ he also goes into detail stating exactly everything he is doing and how is doing it. this makes the mood feel relaxed because he is taking us with him by giving us every detail. it is like the calm before the storm.

‘For seven nights I did this, seven long nights, every night at midnight.’  the mood that this sets is that he is a stalker but very relaxed, the reason he may have done this for 7 nights maybe because while the evil eye was asleep he could stand there and protect the old man from the night. in this quote he repeats the word night multiple times reassuring us that its s infact at night making the mood change and add to the creepiness of the feel to what happens further into the text.









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