28th July 2017



bully comments- your fat, your ugly, you will never be anything, your hair is gross, your teeth are wonky, no one likes you, your a waste of space!

how did these comments make you u feel

what is the definition of a bully? Well I googled it.  It said that A bully is a person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. So why do people bully? Is it to make themselves feel better? Because the find it funny or entertaining? There is a old saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’, I personally do not think this is true.

Bullying is like a disease. By one person exposing it to everyone it quickly becomes contagious and goes viral. At its current rate its becoming an epedemic

[When one person begins to pick on another, people then start thinking that hey that guy doing it so why cant we do it it then becomes a ripple effect.]

A recent study was done by Ditch the label, they spoke to 8,850 people about bulling. They asked for their own personal opinion and definition of what a bully is, then asking if based their definition if they had bullied anyone? 1,239 people out of 8,850 said yes they had. From knowing this they began to ask very personal questions about their lives. Questions that had things to do with stress, trauma, home life and relationships. All these things can be a factor of what influences the aspects of being or becoming a bully.

A girl like her, is a docomentry about a high school girl back in 2015 who was being bullied evreyday at school and online when she go home. The bullying got so bad that she couldn’t handle it anymore so she overdosed on drugs and attempted to commit suicide.

Avery Keller. Avery Keller is the name of her bully.  She described herself as a ‘normal teenage girl,’ that’s ‘living out the high school dream.’ Shes popular and everybody knows who she is but just because everyone knows who she doesn’t mean they like her.  Her and her four best friends walk around school like the world revolves around them, calling people names and laughing at people. One girl in particularly Jessica Burns. Avery would tell Jessica to ‘go kill herself’, that ‘the world would be a better place without you in it’. Its not as much as a docomentry about jessica who is the victuim but is the story of why avery did what she did and her seeing what she did to Jess changed her and made her realise that she is in fact a bully.

Avery creates an illusion for herself that she is a strong, out going and nice girl, she doesn’t believe in the rumors that are all around the school with people saying that she was the cause that lead Jessica to suicide. She still refused it all, even when her four “best friends” wrote a letter to the principle saying that was indeed was harassing and and bullying Jessica.

during the film Avery is asked if she could document her life and talk about what happens to her during the days after Jessica had attempted kill herself. Throughout the documentaries Avery makes, you can begin  see that her home life is not as loving and supportive as say yours or mine. Her mum and dad would always argue and yell at each other, they would call each other hopeless and rude. Her older Brother had just graduated high school and was still living at home playing video games.  The Keller family had a cold feel to it

the movie doesnt document so much about the victums life and her  getting bullied but is the is documenting the bulliers life, they try and get into there life to find the sorce of what  caused Avery to do what she did.

Bullies will come and go throughout your life, however the most popular place where bullies are and or become a bully, is in high school. Bullying effects everyone its not only the one boy/girl getting bullied but effects the bully’er and the other 10 bystanders that are seeing this take place. A by stander has as much to blame as the bully does.

In future choose not to b the bystander be the core to the disease, step in, say something, take action. Or ask your self Are you a bully?

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