19th October 2018


why are they yelling? why are they scared? why are the telling me to stop when i’m trying to help?

introduce the creature

i woke up alone, alone and frightened. Not knowing anything. No understanding of right or wrong? My first days of living were hard. I had fiend for myself, Gathering food, water, finding shelter and warm clothes.

I quickly learned to stay out of peoples sight because they were always afraid of me always screaming and running in the opposite direction. i had to keep myself safe so out of fear i ran to the forest to hid to stay out of sight and i ended up staying there for a while. I felt safe, no one was pointing at me or screaming. there was family living in the forest, i learned to how to speak from listening to there convocations. I helped them during the night while they were asleep. If they didn’t finish doing something that day id  finish it for them during the night. doing this made me fell good,  like i was needed, like i was wanted. It made me feel apart of a family. But that feeling didn’t last very long. They saw me, and much like everyone else they yelled and screamed at me chasing me away. I was crushed, heartbroken. To this day i still feel so alone and unwanted.

‘What is that is that sound? what is it? I look up and see young boy struggling in the water. out of his depth and unable to stay afloat. I rush to help him. Running into the water. i grab him by the shirt and start pulling him to shore. He’s coffing. He’s struggling to breath. and suddenly i hear a raging sound, full of anger and hate. What is this? Is this anger meant for me? I see mob of people all looking at me with red disgust in their eyes. Why are they yelling? Why are they scared? Why are the telling me to stop when i’m only trying to help? Their screaming at me saying i was drowning the boy, that i was killing him, that i’m a murderer.

STOP! let him go! your killing him!

Everyone was terrified and repulsed by what they were seeing. I had heard rumours about this monster that it had Scars all over its face and hands. That it was a dead man walking. I never believed any of the storys until i saw it. the monster was dragging the boy into the water and started drowning him. i was terrified.

We grabbed picht forks torches anything that would scare it. I remember looking its face, its hideous face. and wanting to run the other way. it was like i had just look death in the eye. It just stood there looking at us with pure evil. We were all screaming, yelling chasing it away as much as we could telling it to stop, to let him go. it dropped the boy and ran into the forest.

I remember thinking how could something that hideous be alive? What kind of thing created it?

Why do we as a society only see what we want to see? their is always more. Open the book next time and take a look beacuse who knows you might end up liking it.

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