6th August 2018


  1. make a list of expressionist film techniques that have become linked with gothic horror.
  • shows the emotion and psychological states rather than being realistic.
  • distorting and exaggerating shapes and lines
  • non-naturalistic set design
  • dark story themes
  • Chiaroscuro Lighting (lots of contrast, very dramatic)
  • Dramatic shadows
  • Dramatic movements by actors
  1. one particular technique, chiaroscuro(the contrast of light and dark) is particularly memorable in Sweeney Todds attic room. what are the key features of this setting that develop chiaroscuro?
  1. Think about the same technique (chiaroscuro) and its presence in sleepy hollow. can you describe a setting in SH that utilizes the same technique?
  2. Expressionist film making also favours to develop and idea. how is colour used in Sweeny Todd and sleepy hollow? pay particular attention to the connection between past/present.
  3. A feature of gothic horror is claustrophobic fear that there is no escape. consider techniques that are present in both films that develop this fear.
  4. What is the ‘hammer horror’ style? Describing its feature and explain what influences you can see in the two films.
  5. the red blood is a distinct feature of both films. what is its purpose?

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