28th March 2017

creative writting


Pinks, blues, reds, greens. A sea of colours flood my thoughts. What’s it like to be a princess? Would you get what ever wanted? Do you get an unlimited amount of chocolate? A chocolate room like Willy Wonka’s? A chocolate waterfall? As soon as the fragrance of salty air lingers up my nose all thoughts evaporate. Rolling to a stop, I am thrown to back of my seat. Frantically twisting and tangling, trying to find the buckle. I burst open the door. I can’t contain it any longer. Excitement was running through my veins. Once I had escaped out of the metal beast, my legs, my arms and body moved like cheetah. A blue glow radiates in the sky with pastel pink candy floss patches. My eyes pop out of my of head widening, glimpsing everything they can. There is a dark evil on the beach, controlled by a huge rock troll. He stands strong, smiling and chuckling as he knows he has the authority over all that stand below him. Thud! The sound of his shield vibrates through the air as it blocks the blue giant. A dark shadow, with eyes that glow red; black teeth that, tear, tangle and wrap around you; silvia churning that drowns and dissolves its victims. With the sight of the darkness, my legs trembled and palms began to sweat. Terror sets within my body turning away from grumbling growling troll,  running the length of the beach, the crisp salt air stung my cheeks, and tangled my hair. My legs come to halt, toes begin to wiggle and worm their way through the sand. The blue giant becomes small and delicate trying to draw me in but before I could, I was snatch away.

“Georgia, come back! You must wait!”


Navy greens cover the earth drowning the colours. Everything is neutral. Nothing pops. Nothing ignites. What has happened? Where is all the colour? Where is all the diversity? My eyelids expand soaking up everything in sight. With the window down the air catches my hair, intertwining each strand. The sweet salty sensation flows up my nostrils, into my lungs. As my chest rises and falls the vehicle comes to a halt; I push my thumb down unclipping the buckle. Opening the door I expose myself to the elements. Extending my legs out and placing them on the dark tar-seal, crisp air whips my ankles. Goosebumps begin to stand like army soldiers readying for war. Everything which once looked evil and destructive now looks weak and fragile. Withering branches of the pohutukawa trees hang above the rotting water, dropping their shredded layers and dangling their woven arms. Resting in front is a towering statue of rocks. Where once stood a strong powerful troll, is now a defeated statue, slowly eroding with time. Crash! The ocean attacks, breaking through the layers with ease and turning it’s dense structure into a minute grain of sand. With the crack of the rocks my ears pull my body towards the ocean. The sea breaks towards me, a stampeded of white horses, getting closer to the shore line they become transparent. I stand there, staring at what is about to swallow me. The hit of the water makes me gasp for breath. Gradually wandering further into the waves the sea level crawls up my legs, the deeper I go the more I float. Waves crash all around me. Diving down I hear a loud silence, peace, tranquil. Feeling the currents of the ocean rippling my skin I lift my head out of the water. Releasing the air from my lungs I lift my eyelids. Looking around, glimpsing at everything which once had a magical touch is now only trees hanging over a pile of rocks.

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  1. Think about your punctuation….what do questions need?

  2. Look at your tense.
    Think about the arrangement of your words in your sentences.


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